How it Works    

The process of a dove release is really quite simple. The birds (which are pure White Homing Pigeons) will be released by opening a container at a specified time during your event. These birds have their own natural built in GPS system which guides them back home from as far away as 1000 miles. However, we are careful not to ask them to travel more than 60 miles from home to ensure their safe return.

You choose how many doves you would like released (usually between two to twenty) and we will deliver them in a beautifully decorated crate from which they may be released by simply opening the lid. The birds circle overhead for several minutes as they orient themselves towards the direction of home. Then they will simply fly home as a flock. 

Our Release Policy

We will release only well trained, well cared for white racing pigeon stock, also known as homing pigeons, which have been raised and trained to return home to their loft, and which are banded with seamless, permanent identification bands.

We will ensure that EVERY event has at least one knowledgeable release coordinator present.

We will ensure that appropriate attire is worn for all events, and that the release coordinator is 100% reliable and on time.

We will NOT release birds INDOORS.

We will NOT release birds AT NIGHT.

We will NOT release birds in INCLEMENT WEATHER. We might be able to release birds in light rain showers, at our discretion, but we will not release birds in lighting storms or downpours.

We will NOT drop off, allow pick up or ship birds by mail for self-release.

We will NOT release birds beyond the range which they are able to safely fly home from.